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Mt. Herman ~ August 07

For those of you riders who live in Colorado or maybe visiting with your horses near the Colorado Springs area, this Mt. Herman may be an ideal day ride for you. We got the information from "Riding Colorado" by Margi Evans. A right handy little book for folks close to the front range looking for a day ride location. The riders on the is day were customers and their horses and my staff members Darlene and Becky. The horses were: Pablo, Buckshot, Blackjack, Silver Duke, Cheyenne, Troy Rohan and Tulsa. 

As you can see from the photos, this August 2007 ride was enjoyed by all.

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"One of the most beautiful places on this Planet has to be the Canyonlands of Southern Utah! In my opinion, it is a location all must see! As I have said many times, "Nothing looks better than it does from the back of a horse!" However, you do not have to see the Canyonlands from horseback only. Motoring through the vast, stunning landscape would be more than rewarding too!

On April 16th, 2010, good friends and customers of Trail Horses of THE WEST met at a gorgeous lodge for a three day ride in the nearby Canyonlands. I am most proud and happy to say that all horses on this ride were formerly Trail Horses Of The WEST's horses! The three horses I brought for my cousin, her husband, as well as myself were sold within four days of the completion of this enjoyable event. There is a Canyonlands National Park but our group rode outside of the boundaries of the Park on Bureau of Land Management ground and as you can see from the photos, it is highly unique and breathtakingly beautiful. Although our group elected to rent a nice lodge there, are many places for Living Quarter Trailers and camping in the area. If interested in this area, I am more than happy to share what knowledge I have........just give me a call."

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Click images for a larger view.

"Riding a new location is always fun. Add in endless miles of mountain trail with scenic bluffs, natural bridges, waterfalls, caves and creeks and rivers as clear and pristine as I have ever seen and you have yourself an A # 1 location! Caney Mountain Horse Camp has only been open for business since last year. The camp is surrounded by the Buffalo River, Leatherwoods Wilderness Area and the Sylamore National Forest. My hosts couldn't have been more accommodating. They offer many pads for RV's and LQ Trailer with dozen of safe pens for your horses. Caney Mountain also offers sleeping rooms and new, spacious bath houses! Guest can also have meals prepared for them and served in a attractive lodge.

The riding was just plain wonderful!..............I'd highly recommend it.


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