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One of the nice benefits I have experienced in the horse business has been meeting many wonderful people. Three years ago I had the pleasure of meeting and selling horses to two great couples from Oregon. Our business relationship turned into a friendship and as a result, I was invited to come to Oregon to ride on the beach with them. I can tell you one thing for sure, if you ever dreamed of riding on the ocean beach……do it! The beach was as long as we could see or cared to ride. There were no other horses and riders during three days of riding. The campgrounds were run by the Oregon State Parks Dept.

Here is the information: Reservations are made at Bullards Beach State Park. Phone 541-347-2209 The Park offers a Horse Camp with corrals and water. Trails through the sand dunes and beach are right out of camp. Reservations are required usually well in advance.

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"Miles of beautiful beach"

"Ridin into Heaven!"

"The large sand dunes are fun to ride also!"

"Oregon friends---Thanks for the invitation!"

"Friends just taking in the sights!"

"View from the cockpit!"

"No words can describe!"

"Teedog enjoyed the ocean as well!"

Sometimes it seems appealing to travel a long distance to experience a good trail. It is always fun to see a new place to ride but with fuel prices being what they are today it make a person want to start looking for good trails closer to home. For folks living along the front range here is a spectacular ride right out of the city of Colorado Springs. Here are the directions: get off I-25 at Tejon and go west about five blocks or so. The street will turn into Cheyenne Blvd. Continue west until you come to North Cheyenne Canon Park. It is exactly three miles to the entrance of the park from I-25. As you pass through the gates go about a 1/4 to 1/2 mile and on the right is the Mid-Columbine Trail. There is enough parking space for about two trucks & trailers. The trail goes right out the parking area. The trail climbs rather quickly and has a number of switchbacks. Towards the top of the mountain you will see a sign that says, "Gold Camp Road."  You can take this trail to the road and the tunnels as we did on this day or continue on well marked wide trails. As beautiful as any country you will ever find and in the backyard to many of us. Try it! It is what real trail riding is all about!

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Sign at entrance of park.
Discovery Center

Just down the road and on the right is the trailhead.

This is one of three tunnels on the Gold Camp Road off Mid-Columbine Trail.

Another tunnel.

Gorgeous views in every direction---beautiful even when it is snowing!

Another tunnel.

Lunch on trail.


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