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Testimonial Letters
Horse named BROOKS shopping for a Mothers Day card.

From: Richard Zak
Date: August 24, 2017 at 10:37:36 AM MDT
To: Frederick Mau
Subject: Gus

Just thought I'd give you an update on Gus. We've been riding a lot this summer. He's really a fantastic horse. Some of the terrain was steep and rocky. No problem for him. My wife and I both love him. His disposition is a breath of fresh air compared to our mares!

Hope all is well with you guys

Rick Zak

From: Surphlis, Lisa (NBCUniversal, Orlando)>
Date: Thu, Jun 8, 2017 at 5:21 PM
Subject: RE: Cecil

Hi Fred,

We are doing great! I took last week off work and rode him every day. He is doing very well and seems to like life on our farm.

There are so many things that I like about him. He can walk slow but when I ask him to step up he does and comes right back down. His is light on the bit so I keep a nice quiet hand with him. He works off my seat to move forward. Been teaching him how to back and stand both are coming along nicely. Rides anywhere in a group large or small doesn’t matter. He meets me at the gate every morning to come in for the day. Gave him a head to toe bath including his sheath (bean check) and he just stood there. Trailers like a dream. There so many positives to this horse, he is really a no hassle kind of guy. I thing  you said he was a “dream” and he is! My husband likes him and that’s saying a lot!. I like him so much that I am ordering a custom made saddle for him. I have started him with natural horsemanship training which he is doing very well and does everything I ask of him!

If you come across another Cecil let me know, he would be for my husband so he doesn’t steal Cecil from me!

Sorry but we took a vote and changed his name to Sawyer.

Thanks for everything…I will keep in touch and send video of the two of us! 

Sincerely, Lisa Surphils 

Lisa Surphlis  //  Sr. Graphic Designer. Entertainment Art & Design // Universal Orlando // 407 224 3314


Lisa bought Cecil from Trail Horses of the West through photos, videos and phone conversations only. They did not come to New Mexico to ride Cecil prior tp purchase. Lisa and her husband live in DeLand, Florida. Another extremely happy customer!!

Fred C. Mau

From: Michelle Winkeljohn
Date: Wed, Apr 26, 2017 at 9:38 AM
Subject: Contact from Trail Horses Of The WEST website
I am interested in your endurance leather saddle with the floral tooling priced at $1,500. I was wondering what size seat it is.

We bought Sam's Beauty ( all black KMH ) from you and couldn't be happier!!! We love riding her down in the south valley of ABQ NM where most people don't even know what a gaited horse is. She's such a show off! Thank you again!
I wanted you to know that when the time comes for another horse I will most definitely purchase from you! I loved my experience up there!

Thank you!
And whenever you can get back to me on the saddle and if you have any more pictures that would be great! Thank you!

Michelle Winkeljohn

From: Tamia LaGrave
Date: Mon, Jan 2, 2017 at 9:24 PM
Subject: Karat and T
How the heck are you? Sorry it has been a busy camping and riding summer. My boy Karat (aka Digger) and I have been busy. Fred, this is my second horse that I have bought from you, sight unseen. I did not think even in my wildest dreams that he could be a better horse than DeLaPaz. I was wrong, He is kind gentle and most of all, willing to do whatever I ask. He is young but he is the bravest and smartest horse we own now. He is always thinking. (It (it's cute to watch him figure out a situation) He is a fine horse and I thank you for finding him for me.

From: Barbara Canfield <>
Date: December 23, 2016 at 10:43:05 PM MST
Subject: Charger

Fred, just a few pictures to let you k ow how pleased we are with Charger and now we'll he has adjusted. He is my best trail horse and my go to when a novice wants to ride. That boy has a lot of heart. Today I got lost (First time) at least three miles from home. I was alone on Charger. We ended up on the main highway and we walked 4 miles back to our front gate. A real sweetheart. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Steve and Barbi Canfield, Horse Creek Farm, TN

Cliff And Tonya
Dec. 15, 2016
Dear Fred and Peggy,

Here are a couple of pictures of the boys from our last long ride. Reno (Fashion) is the greatest horse ever! He is so patient and such a traveler! Ace is great too and by the time he is Reno’s age he will be just as good! We love them so much!

Take care and Merry Christmas!!

Cliff and Tonya
Grand Junction, Colorado

To: Fred Mau
Subject: Scooter testimonial
Sent: October-10-16 10:56 AM
Scooter and I (joy) at Indian Canyons in Palm Springs Calif. LOVE HIM SO MUCH! He's everything I wanted and everything you said he was - thank you! Can ride any where alone or with slower horses. A gentleman at all times. Gaits beautifully!

From: Suzanne Harris
Date: Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 4:52 PM
Subject: Gold Mine Charlie
Fred, Here is Charlie, filled out, and mature. He is absolutely wonderful. Scary smart, and smooth as glass. You were right. He is the best horse I've ever ridden. A horse of a lifetime.


From: Karen Vavra
Date: Fri, Aug 5, 2016 at 11:15 AM
Subject: Saddle

Got the saddle last week. Didn't clean Chief up but just the threw the saddle on to take a look. Thought you would want to see. Finally got a ride in last night. It was awesome. Love it!!

Thanks again,

The above correspondence is from a wonderful family from northern Illinois who in addition to ordering one of our Amish made gaited saddles, also bought two great geldings from THOTW, Inc. The above saddle is a Old Timer model with suede stitched seat, western stirrups long leather strings and bucking rolls.

From: Diane France
Date: Wed, Aug 3, 2016 at 3:33 PM
Subject: Something you already know
Hi, Fred - 
I just wanted to send you a note to tell you something you already know - Cream is a fabulous horse! He steps right out even when leaving the herd, he is willing to go through even thick mountain mahogany by himself, and we went past a rattlesnake without even flinching although that last bit concerns me a little bit - I don’t want him to be bitten. I’ve been teaching him that he gets something good when he comes to my whistle, and he is responding.  
He’s a lot of fun!  
Thank you!

From: Nix Horse <>
Date: Mon, Jul 18, 2016 at 12:07 AM
Subject: Dillon (Cruiser) and Sophie Update
To: Frederick Mau <>
It's been a while. Hope you and your lovely bride are doing well. Nick and Catherine Weber here, in case you didn't remember. How could you forget?

I wanted to drop you a quick note about the horses. Catherine and Sophie are getting along famously, trail riding and being part of a local 4th of July parade this year. That horse has a good mind, is sure footed on the trail, and takes care of Catherine. She did great in her first parade as well, handling it like a pro.

Dillon was renamed Cruiser because he cruises down the trail with purpose, and because he is black and white like the first police cruiser I drove in the olden days. In addition to the trail and parade, he participated in the 30th Annual Idaho Horse Expo in April in a gaited horse demo, featuring ten different gaited breeds, showing their stuff in the big arena in front of noisy crowds, screaming kids, loudspeakers, banners, etc. You know, the usual stuff all horses encounter in their natural environment.

He was a rock star. Everyone likes that horse, and he greets me with a nicker and a stroll over to say hello every time I come out of the house. He's quite the outgoing boy.

For what it's worth, I have recommended you to a few friends who were shopping for good gaited trail horses. I think Cruiser and Sophie do a pretty good job of representing you. I even rode Cruiser bitless (Sidepull bridle) in the gaited horse demo, which is unheard of in the gaited horse people circles, but that was just to prove a point.

Here are a couple pix from the parade with Catherine and Sophie, and with me and Cruiser at the Expo, posing in our color coordinated outfits. Best wishes to the both of you and to your folks on the ranch who do such a nice job with the horses.

Sent: July-05-16
Subject: Testimonial Letter
LOVE my Horse, Scooter. He’s doing well in Palm Springs heat … can’t seem to tire him out, even with 8 mile, 1500 feet elevation gains – switch backs to top of the mountain behind the stable! Working on putting muscle and strength for Long Trail rides or maybe even some Endurance short rides (15-25 miles). As you told me “he has a motor” and I love it. He’s lost his winter New Mexico coat and slicked down, put on some weight/muscle and as we’re riding on trails hikers and other horse riders just stop and stare or tell me “he’s beautiful!”. He’s neck reining and working off my legs for our very narrow(1 hiker or horse wide; hikers can’t even walk side by side – sometimes foot hits rocks on side as it’s sooo narrow), 500-1,000 feet straight drops off the side of cliffs and he “flies” with his smooth ground eating gait. Try to get him to slow walk and can if I really want (can stop and enjoy the view with dropped reins and he doesn’t even twitch but looks at the view with me), but he’s more comfortable with a little speed.

Thanks for the horse and the advice. The trip out there was well worth it!

Joy Barba

Date: Sun, May 29, 2016 at 9:14 PM
Subject: Booger
Hi Fred and Peggy,

We did some nice riding today with the my Boone aka Booger. He is doing great and the vet thought he was fit and sound! The real surprise has been my mare. Boy I never thought a new bit would make that much difference! Susie and I are definitely enjoying!

"The above is a welcomed e-mail from a great couple that drove down from the Sun Valley area of Idaho and bought gelding named Booger. We also gave them a bit for their Tennessee Walker mare that made her gait much better. Always happy to assist customers."

Audrey Taylor & Tonkawa
Hi Fred,
I bought “Saturday Night Special” Tennessee Walker from you last August. I just wanted you to know that I love him. He is a fun horse to ride. I have ridden him on trails in Manzano Mtns with lots of rock, also sand wash and cactus strewn hills on West side of Sandia Mtns, and along the Rio Grande in the bosque. He had his first bath yesterday with a hose and soap, etc. He was great. His cracked hoof was fixed in two shoeings. He gets along with other horses quite well and I can follow several horses at his trot? gait and his lope gait? without him going nuts if I keep him back a ways (that is his best feature). My Arab would jig and fling his head sometimes. Not my Tonka (Tonkawa – We stay together) that is his new name. He is stout and blocky like the old toy Tonka trucks kids use in play. When he spooks, it is with a “Start” in place, not the 10 foot to the side leap as in my past horses. I have been riding 3 to 4 days a week since I got him; by myself and with one or two others or more.
 Attached is a picture I took of him last September on one of the rides by myself.
 Audrey Taylor & Tonkawa

From: Mike Clancy
Date: May 25, 2016 at 7:58:57 AM MDT
Subject: Contact from Trail Horses Of The WEST website
Reply-To: Mike Clancy <>
Just an update on Ziggy the palomino that we bought from you in March. He is doing absolutely wonderful and we love him to pieces! Can't ask for a better horse! He loves Wyoming!!!! Mike and Cindy Clancy

From: Renee McDaniels>
Date: Wed, May 4, 2016 at 5:25 PM
Subject: It's me Renee
I want to thank Fred and Peggy for the awesome Tennessee Walker I got from them. I call her Goldie. She is the best horse I can ask for.  She does everything I ask her to do without getting upset or get an attitude. She is far the best.
hank you again, Peggy and Fred.


"Gold Nugget and happy owner Renee live in Chino, California.

Thanks Renee"

From: Sandra Edmiston
Date: May 2, 2016
Subject: Re: Your experience with Trails Horses of the West
Hi there....

I feel I bought the BEST trail horse from Fred there ever was.  I have owned Mr. Moon for over 5 years now and he is still as healthy and handsome as the day I got him.

Mr. Moon and I have been all over the mountains of Arizona and New Mexico and he continues to be the safest and best mount that I've owned.  I even taught Moon how to drive in 14 days.  He is a smart, kind, and safe horse! He is also used for ponying our Mammoth Donkey in the mountains and riding lessons with my 6 year old daughter and my partner that had never rode in his life....  I totally trust this horse.

He is everything that Fred said he was and more.  He is worth every penny of the $5,000 I spent!

I knew Moon was for me within 30 minutes riding him when I went up for a "test drive".  I did a complete hands-on exam myself, touching every inch of his body and this horse trust me instantly.  I did not do a vet check, and have not had one single health problem so far (knock on real barn wood).

If you ride a lot, you'll know.

Good luck....

Sandy Edmiston

Sent: April-20-16 6:18 AM
Subject: Testimonials
Wonderful customers from central Texas on their ranch with newly purchased horse Designed By Sunshine. Thanks again Mark and Lisa! April 18th, 2016
Fred C. Mau

From: Suzanne Harris
Date: Sun, Mar 20, 2016 at 3:01 PM
Subject: What a wonderful horse
Hi Fred,

Here are the pictures of "Gold Mine Charlie" and myself at the ranch this morning. Charlie has turned out to be a great horse, especially on the trail. He gaits beautifully, learns after one trial (extremely intelligent), and bonds well with humans. A bit of a dominant horse with other horses, he enjoys being king of the pasture. Thank you for such a beautiful and meaningful life partner. My companion HL, who was with me when we visited last April, passed away from a heart bypass operation last September. So Charlie is even more meaningful to my daily life.

Suzanne Harris
Woodland Park, Colorado


From: Theresa Elliott
Date: Sat, Jan 2, 2016 at 9:44 AM
Subject: New Year's Day ride in Santa Fe
Happy New Year, Fred!
I spent the first day of the New Year on my new horse and let me tell you, what a pleasant surprise he is! Smooth as a whisper, no spook- just point him in the direction you want to go and he can roll! Front, back, middle- it doesn't matter. We stopped mid-ride at my house for some hot chocolate and they all waited patiently outside. Three hours and 15 miles on the trail with the weather in the teen's and he didn't miss a beat! To the left is my Cash looking handsome as ever! I love all the horses I have bought from you (all four)! Never a disappointment!! I haven't renamed Big John, but clearly that name has got to go!!!! I know I went out there to buy one of those broke mares but I am so happy with this guy. Thank you for everything that you do and I wish you, Peggy, Amigo, the Manuels and everyone at THOTW a very, very, happy New Year!



Kristen Spinning
Fri, Dec 11, 2015
Hi Fred,
Hope all is well. Thought you might like this photo, and share with Manuel also......My horse walks through fire!!

We did a really fun clinic with all kinds of crazy obstacles -- fire, smoke bombs cowboy curtains, wiggly things. Having a blast.

Happy Holidays
Kristen & Maya

Date: Sun, Nov 1, 2015
Subject: ONE YEAR
A year ago today was the day I brought my Duke home -- by far, the best day of my life! I think I have more rides on Duke in one year, than I did a lifetime with my other horses!  LOVE him!!!


From: Bryan M <>
Date: Sun, Oct 11, 2015 at 3:26 PM
Subject: RE: Black Saddle
Sounds great! Thank you very much!

We will mail you a check tomorrow. I have to tell you, we are so pleased with our horses. Theresa has really taken to Cash and of course Sugar and Makenzie are locked together. Sugar is the dominant mare of all the horses in the coral and she protects Cash from any of the other horses. They both have put on some real good weight and they are loving life. Very pleased!

If you would address the saddle to Makenzie that would be great. Just happens that her birthday is in two weeks so this comes at a great time.

Makenzie Murphy
262 Stagecoach Drive
Bailey, CO 80421

Thanks again,
Editors notes: The Murphy family and friends came down for a long weekend, rented the cabin here at the ranch and rode horses. At the conclusion of their trip they selected Sugar and Cash's Last Stand. They also ordered a black trail model saddle.

Subject: Testimonial
August 30th, 2015
Hi Fred. Chris Costello up here in beautiful Montana. Hopefully everything is going good for you guys on the ranch. Fred we are enjoying the heck out of the horses I purchased. Have put tons of mountain miles on them with no issues. They are all great horses. My wife has finally been brave enough to ride again and is showing more confidence each time she rides. The last time she road was probably 20 plus years ago and had a bad experience on a crappy paint horse I should have never put her on. She has been riding Banner and they get along well. My youngest son has claimed Gabe and his girlfriend has claimed Banner and I wouldn't think about getting rid of any of them,

Fred I wouldn't think of buying a mountain horse sight unseen from anyone but you. I really have appreciated your honesty about the horses I have bought from you. They are worth every cent and probably more.
Editors notes: Mr. Costello has bought four horses from Trail Horses of the West in the last twelve months. Aerosmith, Big Red, Gabe and Banner. Mr. Costello and his family are true mountain riders enjoying fishing and big game hunting around their home in Butte, Montana

Fred C. Mau

From: Jayne Hartwell <>
August-04-15 9:04 AM
It's been a year now since we sent you Duke & Patchy for Clifford & Oliver -- renamed Luke & Mister. We absolutely love 'em! Have ridden a lot in our gorgeous mountains -- they are, bar none, the best horses we've ever had. We take them camping, using electric fence, & the 2nd time we did, they were so relaxed they both lay down to sleep -- so comforting -- they trust us as much as we trust them. Thanks again for adding to our "abundant" life.

Jayne Hartwell

"Owner and husband live in Star Valley Wyoming located in the Northwest corner of the State. Buyers purchased Clifford and Oliver from photos, videos and our reputation.



From: william penn
Date: Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 10:23 AM
Subject: Fwd: Rio
Fred, a pic of Rio with a young friend who was visiting us with her Dad. We are so pleased with him. You can put this on your website if you like.

Give my best to Peggy.


Date: Sun, Jul 12, 2015 at 4:03 PM
Subject: Duke
Hi Fred! Just another update on Duke. My neighbor with the Palomino has been showing us mountain trails in my backyard that I never knew existed... I feel so stupid about that, but that's what happens when you don't have a good horse -- you make excuses to avoid riding out of your bubble. I'm so excited to report that because of Duke, I no longer live in that bubble and I never had so much fun riding in my whole life! The ride we went on this morning was steep and rocky in places and Duke didn't miss a beat, no hesitation, no stumbling/tripping, and first ride with no spook, and no diarrhea too! He will plow through anything you ask, he don't care! He is amazing, especially for only being 5, and "we" just keep getting better and better! I think Duke must had been heaven sent!

Say hi to Manuel! Will keep in touch... Take care!


Sent: July-09-15 2:18 AM
Subject: Testimonial
Dear Fred,
Today we rode a high steep trail. What a wonderful mountain horse. Strong and unafraid. He did a huge four legged jump over a stream and got us home safely in the pouring rain. Charlie is an exceptional horse, smarter than I could imagine. Almost scary.
Woodland Park, Colorado

From: Tamia <>
Date: Tue, May 26, 2015 at 10:22 PM
Subject: De La Paz
Good evening Fred,
Sorry I have not contacted you sooner.
Well I would like to tell you how happy I am with De La Paz....his new name is Einstein. (Crazy hair and very smart.)  He is unflappable. Three days off the trailer and only one ride on him prior, we jumped right into 4 days of 148 horse and riders and tents and flapping tarps slamming trailer doors horses acting out all around us. He never quivered or even felt like he was uptight. I feel so very safe on him and he is absolutely gorgeous. My 2 mares are completely in love with him also. Maybe already a bit to much. This past weekend we road 4 days straight probably a total of 18 hours of riding. Not one bad vice he is as gentle as a puppy. (He is a bit choppy going down hills, he does not engage his rear end but I will work on rounding his back and collecting him up a bit he should be fine with some work. This coming Thursday we are leaving for a 4 day trip in the Mendocino Forest. About 3 hours away. We look forward to having a great horse for me to ride. Thank-you so very much, You matched me up perfectly I feel very lucky to have found Trail horses of the west and you. I will spread your name to any one that is looking for a a fair deal and a good
quality horse with no drama attached.
Goodnight, Tamia LaGrave “T”

From: Bill Palmer <>
Date: Sat, May 30, 2015 at 1:19 PM
Subject: Dixie
Hi Fred,
Dixie and I went on our first trail ride yesterday and what a horse. She's everything you said she was and more. Perfect ground manners and what a fast walk. I think she'd have most horses running just to keep up. Just amazing! If you ever need a customer reference, you can count on me. Thanks for a perfect trail horse.
Take care,

From: Cindy Rugh <>
Date: Mon, Apr 27, 2015 at 6:33 PM
Subject: Stevie Nicks

Hi Fred,

I like to check your website to see your horses for sale. Someday I will be in the market for another. But for now I just wanted you to know how well Stevie is doing. She is awesome!!! So much fun.

We ride all around the central coast of California (Templeton and surrounding area).

Take Care, Cindy Rugh

Cindy bought Stevie Nicks from me about seven years ago sight unseen and has another testimonial posted on my site. After seven long years this satisfied customer still feels the same way. Thank you Cindy in California.


From: Barbara Evensizer
Date: Thu, Apr 16, 2015
I am a 70 year old Grandmother who has ridden horses all my life. When searching for my perfect trail horse I found trail horses of the west and called Fred.

Fred had some nice horses but I decided to find one on dream horse so I bought a pinto paso fino mare who looked good. I bought her and paid $1200 to have her shipped to Oregon. I thought she had a mean eye to her when they delivered her but thought maybe she was just scared from the trip. I let her rest and then found out I could not catch her. she pinned her ears back at me. I called a young trainer to do the first ride on her. It was like a rodeo. the mare bucked and then tried to bite the lady in the leg.

I tried to call the woman who sold her to me and she refused to speak to me so I looked on her papers and found out who had her years ago. I found out she was a mean nasty mare and only used as a brood mare. I lost $5,000 on this but feel I was lucky I was not injured seriously or killed.

This became a problem because I could not resell her to anyone so was going to have her put down . A man said he wanted her for a brood mare only so that is where she is today.

I then called Fred and he had just got a beautiful Mountain Horse in so I bought him and had him shipped to Oregon. What a wonderful experience I have had dealing with Fred and my new horse is very sweet and well trained.

Anyone looking for a beautiful trail horse should check out trail horses of the west first because he takes the worry out of searching for a trail horse.

My daughter is here from Montana so we took Jet on a long trail ride straight up a mountain trail, crossed water, and over thick brush. My daughter said Mom you have a keeper.  he is wonderful.

Barbara Evensizer
Carriage Works,Inc

"This black handsome fellow was on our website as El Castillo and the new owners renamed him Jet. Jet was purchased from photos, videos and phone conversations. (some people call this, sight unseen!) Jet now resides in Grants Pass, Oregon with his new owner and admirer, Barbara."

Cindy Burgess
From: <>
Date: Sat, Jan 17, 2015 at 5:54 PM
Subject: Testimonial for Goldenrod
Dear Fred,
Well I am joining the long line of Happy Horse owners in writing this testimonial for all to see and read about my experience with you and Trail Horses of the West. I only wish that I had known about you years ago.
Fred brought me my Christmas Horse on December 19th, and I fell in love with Goldenrod when she backed out of the trailer, she is now "Goldie girl" and the darling of the barn where I board. For all of those people who are skeptical at all of purchasing a horse from Fred without first riding them, I have two words for you...Do it!! He has an uncanny ability to match horse and rider and personality perfectly. I am a ranch girl, grew up north west of Vail on a family ranch, barrel raced, showed Western pleasure all over the country, worked on a guest ranch as a wrangler in the summers, and I never thought I would buy a horse without "test driving" them first. When I told my family what I was doing they thought I was nuts. I had visited with Fred over the phone for quite a while about Goldenrod, told him I really just wanted a trail horse that was "bomb proof", I am 60 and no longer interested in having that high spirited, unpredictable, animal that I can't trust on a trail.
I took Goldie out the day after she arrived and Fred had said to let her stay behind the other horses to get used to the new surroundings, but she just took to the new trails like she had been on them her entire life, and loved every minute, not a bit of spooking, or bolting or wanting to run home when we turned around, she is an absolute pleasure. This past month's weather has been miserable so Goldie has been enjoying getting brushed, fed carrots, and horse cookies, so today was our first nice day and I had to laugh at her when I tried to put the bit in her mouth, she buried her head on the ground, I guess in hopes that I would give up... which didn't work out for her, and we did have a great ride. I love her personality, she is such a dream, I have my forever horse. I am sending everyone who is looking for a horse to Fred.
Thank you Fred and Peggy.
Cindy Burgess
Denver CO

Cindy Burgess
9025 E Kenyon Ave
Denver Co 80237

Sent: December-22-14 8:27 AM
Subject: Testimonial
Hi Fred

I Got Gentleman Jack Saturday morning around 11am. He is eating and drinking fine. He has a wonderful temperament, just friendly as can be. I am attaching a photo of us. He did strange my wheelchair but soon accepted it and I was able to lead him around. I think we are going to be the best of friends. 

Please let Manuel know and show him the picture. Will keep you update on how Jack is doing. Thanks a million. Take care, Margo

Note from THOTW, Inc., Mrs. Margo is from California and bought handsome little Gentleman Jack from photos and videos. Fred C. Mau

From: Marie Pescatore
Date: Sat, Nov 29, 2014
Subject: Tex
Hello Fred,
I wanted to let you know that Tex settled in nicely and he and Jesse are quite the pair. Tex is definitely the horse we've been looking for. Thank you so much for this very pleasant experience!
Marie & family

From: Abbie Burnett
Date: Sun, Sep 14, 2014 at 6:32 PM


I see you have a lot of new horses in.  They are all lovely.

Just wanted to let you know that I have taken Bonita out on 3 rides now.  Just with Ann.  We are still trying to figure each other out but she is awesome --well  mannered, kind and gaits beautifully.  I am so glad I have her.

 Looking forward to many more rides in the future,


Sent: August-18-14 11:42 AM
Subject: testimonial
Hi Fred,
I just want to tell you how happy I am with Adeline! Been mostly solo riding her in the evenings (between raindrops) getting to know each other. She is settling in well however a bit lonely. Yesterday I trailered out with some friends for the first time and she did AWESOME! These are my gaited horse friends and they were very impressed. I was out front the entire ride! Hard to hold this gal back – She is the Glide Ride! I’ve attached a few photos for your viewing enjoyment. I’m having a lot of fun with her.

Thanks again,
Johnna Blanchard
Bayfield, Colorado

From: Ellen Harris <>
Date: Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 11:21 AM
Subject: Hank
I am so pleased with Hank. He is really gentle and bomb-proof with the less experienced riders who have been on him. At the same time, when I ride he is happy to go and really, really likes going new places! This is a real treat as he would rather go see something new than head home. In this way he's a great match with Jessie James who has to be persuaded to head back to the trailer when we're someplace he has not been before.
Ellen Harris

From: Jayne Hartwell <>
Date: Sat, Jul 19, 2014 at 3:05 PM
Subject: Re: ETA
Fred, we are 100% certainly keeping Oliver & Clifford. Went for a fairly strenuous mountain ride this A.M. & they did awesome! We're lovin' their gaits & dispositions. Many thanks for everything. Please take 'em off your website or change "sale pending" to "new owners lovin' their new fellas." Not that you probably need it now, but I have written confirmation on the Coggins tests for Duke & Patchy. I'll mail papers to you. (How are they doing?) My husband says we shoulda' had horses like these years ago; actually said they were well worth the money. Coming from a banker, I can't think of a better compliment.

Sent: July-17-14 8:44 AM
Subject: Testimonial Letter

Dear Fred,

Wanted to send a note to let you know how much we love and enjoy our Bo Handsome. You told us he was great around other horses and that he is. We introduced him to our TWH the day we returned home and they have been best buddies from day one. You also said he needed some ground work and he has responded well to some additional training. He has a dream gait and is a beautiful horse on the outside but also has a beautiful and kind disposition. He loves people and everyone who has had the pleasure of riding him are truly impressed with his gliding gait and soft and responsive mouth. Thank you so much again for your honest professionalism. We only wish the weather had been nicer so we could have enjoyed your beautiful mountains for a nice long trail ride.

Larry & Debbie Peters
Alamogordo, NM

From: Catherine MacGowan
Date: Sat, Jun 7, 2014 at 12:00 PM
Subject: Dancing Star

Threat's Dancing Star

Hi Fred,

Thank you for a wonderful horse buying experience! We appreciate your kindness and western hospitality. I thought your clients may appreciate reading about our experience with ""Trail Horses of the West."

I have been shopping for a gaited horse for my husband for almost two years when I found Fred's website: "Trail horses of the West".

I visited his website several times before contacting him about a newly listed stunning blue roan gelding. The blue roan sold really quickly to one of Fred's previous clients so after some discussion, Fred recommended a paint gelding that might fit our needs as well as our budget. After several phone calls we decided to drive down from Wyoming. It was a wonderful opportunity to see the horses first hand, explore New Mexico and visit the Twin Ponds Ranch.

Upon arriving we were delighted with the guest cabin accommodations and beautiful secluded location. The cabin was clean, tastefully decorated and equipped with a full kitchen. The next day morning we took Dancing Star for a test drive through the pine covered hillsides and found him to be just as Fred described...a handsome, quiet, well broke gaited trail partner.

Fred was a gracious host. We were very pleased with our purchase and we never felt pressured. Although given the opportunity my husband did not ride the other horses available for sale. "Trail Horses of the West" did offer a selection of different breeds, sizes, colors, and trail horses for every budget and every level rider.

We have owned "Dancing Star" for a little over a month and have ridden him on trails in New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. He is a wonderful young gaited gelding and we are looking forward to many Happy Trails ahead.

Thank you again for a delightful and relaxing horse purchasing experience.


Rick and Kelly Miller
Please note: My email address is
Catherine MacGowan
Phone: 970.388.4146

May 18th, 2014



  I thought I'd give you an update on Crackerjack.  He is everything you said.  We hauled him up to Elbert today for a long ride. 

He does nothing wrong.  He walks when you want him to, he stops when asked, he loads, he doesn't look cross eyed at anything, he is a true gentleman.  I do believe I love him, he is everything I hoped for.  Thank you for helping me find him, him and I are going to be buddies for life. Take care
Susie ......Peyton, Colorado


From: Rose N <>
Date: Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 7:56 AM
Subject: Update on Bourbon

Hey Fred,
I bought Bourbon from you recently. I just wanted to say thank you! Bourbon really is the most gentle and special horse I've ever interacted with. Everyone loves him! Sometimes when I show up at the barn we just sit there together for a while, his head in my lap with his eyes closed while I talk to him and scratch his head. He follows me everywhere. He is definitely an "in your pocket" horse! When we ride, he has a lot of "giddy up and go", but he listens and doesn't rush into his gait. He would just assume walk now, as he knows he can relax and make it easy on himself. He has settled in extremely well and gets turned out with the other geldings in the pasture. He likes to lope around and play with the other horses. He is such a blessing, and I look forward to every day we have together. He makes my life that much better. Thanks for the great experience at your ranch, I'm so glad I found Bourbon!

From: Michael Parr
Date: March 11, 2014 3:22:33 PM PDT



Today was our first time out on Mr. Biggs. We were going to take it easy and go on a slow, short trail ride, but since Mr. Biggs was so well behaved we ended up being out for almost three hours. I started him behind Chief and by the time we were half way through the ride I was leading and he was very confident. I think he likes southern California! We crossed the highway and encountered a few people on mountain bikes and he was fine. He also learned how to drink out of the water troughs on the trails. I had to get off partway through the ride and help Michael and Mr. Biggs let me lead him over and climb on a fence to get back on him. He has a wonderful temperament and takes everything in stride, not to mention his incredible gait. I think he is truly a keeper.

Many thanks for this wonderful horse. Hope you have a wonderful time in Baja and please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing!!


From: Michael Parr
Date: Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 7:23 PM
Subject: Great Tonka Story


Hey Fred,
Here's a great Tonka story for your website.  We were riding home today, and right across the road from the ranch where the horses live there was a huge brushfire starting.  I was out with Mike on Chief and I was on Tonka.  I took the lead and we had to ride the horses right down the center of a busy road and within 30 feet of a very large brushfire to get them back to the ranch safely.  There were huge flames and lots of smoke.  Tonka was a complete star and because of his calmness, Chief was also fine.  We got them back safely and they then had to endure at least two hours of water helicopters and planes flying right over the top of them to put the fire out.
Thank you again for Tonka.  He is the best!!

From: Elizabeth Devine <>
Date: Tue, Jul 16, 2013 at 9:57 PM
Subject: RE: Queen


Hi Fred, I have really enjoyed  Queen. She is a wonderful horse. In addition to being  a beautiful horse, she has a good mind, is gentle, compliant & intelligent. I don't think I could have found a better match for me. She has helped me improve as a rider.

If I come across anyone looking for a trail horse, I will certainly give them your name!

Thanks again,

From: Martha Queiroz < >
To: thoc1 <>
Sent: Thu, Jan 26, 2012 9:47 am
Subject: update on Apollo aka DreamCatcher
Hey Fred,
I just had someone ask me for your contact info as they want a gaited horse?  Are you still in the business?

I've had him for two years now, and Apollo and I are doing great!  I am trail riding 3 - 4 times a week.  We sometimes ride with other people, and sometimes ride alone.  He has been such a good horse, and everyone is amazed at how well behaved he is for a 6 year old.  I think that people like to ride with us because he is a calming factor.  While everyone else at our barn seems to have problems, I feel lucky to have a horse that is never sick, never lame, and has no training issues or quirks. They all say that they cannot believe how lucky I was to get this horse, sight unseen.  Where we ride, there are lots of hikers, mountain bikers, dogs, runners... and he doesn't blink an eye.  Not only is he fun to gait, but he has a great canter and we like to rip up the trails.  Unfortunately, I don't have a trailer, yet, but I recently tried loading and unloading him in a friend's trailer and he went in the first time, no problem.  He hadn't been in a trailer since you dropped him off two years ago!  Now I plan on trying to take him to some other places to ride.  In the more distant future, I'd like to do trail trials or, possibly, endurance riding.

My daughter is only riding about once a week due to her high school schedule, but she still is enjoying him. 

Well, thought I'd let you know how he turned out for us.  Let me know if you are still selling horses.

From: Sandy Edmiston <>
Sent: Wed, Apr 6, 2011 11:44 am
Subject: Moon Pie
Hi Fred,
Just wanted to write you and let you know that Moon Pie... “Moon” is doing WONDERFUL!
I’ve rode him on several rides in these past few weeks of owning him and he is everything that I could ask for. 
I rode him one day during training for our Back Country Horsemen 101 group.  We rode 4 different trail rides in the woods on a very windy day; each time by a scary tarp blowing in the wind, a bicyclist, a fisherman with his dog, and a person leading a donkey with panniers.  Each and every trail ride he was the same... no big deal with any of the obstacles and we had only been riding together one week!
I also wanted to let you and Paul know that Moon as a Turbo Speed!!!!  We were gaiting along behind one of our Fox Trotters and Moon and I wanted to pass, so I squeezed him, just a little, and he never broke gait, just Turbo charged it.  Several people have seen me do this now and can not believe that this short little horse and I can go like the wind!!!!  He has no bump between his gaits... just smooth, smooth, smooth!
I love this little guy to death and he returns it in being just the sweetest horse and a gaiting fool!
Many happy trails to you and hope to come back up to Las Vegas and ride again with you some day!
Sandy Edmiston
p.s.  Did I mention, he can out-gait Chester!!!! 

From: Mike Cannon <>
Sent: Tue, Jun 8, 2010 10:55 pm
Subject: The Cannon Ranch
Hey Fred
Hope your doing well. Commander and Doc are great. We have been giving them a job at least once a wk and things are great
Thanks for putting Doc at our place he Is great my wife and family are so happy with both of the guys
I sold my wife's Qtr horse thank god, she could not keep up with commander at all and kind of doc
I wanted to let you know we are In the market for a horse now that the qtr Is gone.
We are hoping you can find us a horse a little slower than commander ( he Is the fastest walking horse In Sedalia I think) Ha Ha 
Similar to Doc yet, a little more go than Doc
A leader yet calm very broke and a horse that my little brother, friends or guests can ride.
Age Is a good thing but doc Is young and chill so age Is not everything
There Is no rush we don't want to go through the trade or exchange thing again
I think with your expertise and professionalism your the best judge of what we need and we like and trust your opinion for our young horse family
So you tell me who we need
color Is not an Issue , we only want a gelding no mares!
Again we are ready when ever, no rush, next month, or this wk we are ready.
Oh the guy that lives above me just started his barn last wk and will be shopping In July, I told him we can come down to twin ponds and ride or they can
ride our boys and see what they like, either way they will be calling you soon.
I sold them on the gaited horses at twin ponds!
Thanks again
We love the boys and cant wait for a horse that our green friends can ride, and daughter In the near future. But I can still ride him and have fun.
Mike Cannon
MIchael L. Cannon
303-641-9234  cell

From: Dana VanDeman <>
Sent: Fri, Jul 30, 2010 11:20 pm
Subject: Hi from Gypsy and Dana
Hey Fred just saying Hi.  It's been a few months since I bought Gypsy from you.  She is doing well and adjusted great.  Her temperament is amazing.  I am working with slowing her down and re-training her on just a snaffle and a loose rein.  She is so willing and smart.  I will be contacting you again in the near future to look out for another gaited horse.  My next order will be for one for the husband/kids.  One that's as close to bomb as possible, I don't care how old it is as long as it's rideable.  Probably in the fall I'll check in.  Thanks.  I included some photos.  Gypsy is such an easy keeper - she has gotten even fatter.  Once it gets cooler here- we will work it off :)
Dana VanDeman
Realtor, CSSN, SFR
DPR Realty L.L.C.
623-935-1498 fax

From: Richard Hall < >
To: 'FRED MAU' < >
Sent: Tue, Jun 29, 2010 3:39 pm
Subject: Testimonial
May 2010
I had been riding on my previous horse for 9 months, including 6 months with the Back Country Horsemen. While he is a highly trained, athletic horse with a great character he simply wasn’t the right horse for what I needed. He needed lunging to calm him down before riding and had to be kept under tight control at all times.  A great horse for an experienced rider but simply not what I needed.  What I needed was a calm trail horse that I could take out of the barn every week or so, saddle up and take a relaxing ride out into the forest or up into the Wilderness.     

I spent the day with Fred, riding 3 horses over the trails for almost 4 hours.  While they were all nice horses, I had decided I wasn’t going to get another horse unless I got exactly what I wanted without reservation. The 4th horse was quite different, and I was not comfortable with him at all.  I’m pretty sure Fred brought him out as a contrast to the earlier horses to get a better idea of exactly what  I would be comfortable with as the next horse he brought out was Bon Jovi and Fred said I think this one will suit you.   Although I did not have a buckskin in mind, I immediately fell in love with his looks and as soon as I rode him, I felt completely at home. I took him for a 15 minute ride on my own through the forest and felt very relaxed and comfortable.  He was very careful in placing his feet and gave the impression he would not do anything stupid and would take care of me.

At 14.3hh and 4 years old he was younger and smaller than what I thought I was looking for but Fred said that it’s the breeding and character that counts, not the age, and he was dead right.   

The next weekend I took a 20 mile ride up to 11,700 feet in the Pecos Wilderness with the Back Country Horsemen and Bon Jovi seemed to handle me without difficulty.  Many horses  will tend to rush through or even jump conditions that they are unsure off.  We went through streams, mud bogs, snow, and steep rocky trails. Bon Jovi handled them all calmly and better than the majority of this very experienced group of horses. I was even able to pull out my camera and take pictures as we rode along.

There is no doubt that gaited horses are so much more comfortable and suited to trail riding.  It is certainly well worth the effort and if necessary paying a little extra to take the time get the right horse for you. Getting the wrong horse, no matter how good they are, is a very expensive proposition and can end you riding experience before it even starts which is what almost happened to me.   The great thing about Trail Horses Of The West is the 30 day exchange policy. With the number of horses Fred has on hand at any one time  you should be able to find a horse that suits you on your first visit.  However if that doesn’t work out with constant flow of good new horses if you do find you have made a mistake you can be pretty sure you will find the horse for you in short order.  This sort of flexibility simply doesn’t exist when you are looking at horses from individual sellers.

Fred knows his stock and I’m pretty sure the reason he had me ride so many horses and brought out the ones he did was so that he could see how I felt on each one and then finally bring out the one that would be right for me.
I only wish I had bought my first horse from Fred.
             Roan   & Me                                              Shadow  Whip    Roan  Peggy Sue 
4579 La Madera Rd    
Sandia Park  NM  87047  USA
Phone and Fax : (505)286-0839
Cell: (505)250-8035      

From: sig bylsma
Sent: Mon, Apr 26, 2010 2:33 pm
Subject: 2 pictures for you
Hi Fred,

Just wanted to let you know that we are really happy with Cherokee. He is perfect for my daughter, calm, reliable and gentle, no drama, no nasty surprises. No matter how silly other horses are around him, he just stays calm. I can trust him with her and that's worth a lot.  I bought this horse sight unseen from you and he is exactly like you described him!

Thanks again!
You have been sent 2 pictures.

From: Christine Tourino 
Sent: Fri, Feb 26, 2010 10:03 pm
Subject: 1st ride
Good Morning Fred,    
What a great day on Chester.   He was a real gentleman for me on our first ride together !   What a pleasure to ride.  When asked to move out he did, when asked to stay steady with the others on the ride he did, and when asked to be rubbed and have a cookie or two he did with joy !  He is the new Man in my life.  All the Snowy Mt. Cowgirl's of Walk'n Circles Equine Rescue Ranch fell under his quiet spell.  When I got home I got call's and e-mails saying how well Chester and I looked together.  I am still smiling from ear to ear.   
Thanks Christine

Sent: Friday, February 12, 2010 6:08 PM
Subject: Testimonial Letter
February 12th, 2010
Hello Mr. Mau,
I don’t know if you remember me, but my husband and I ride with the Jack Sellers Bexar County Palomino Patrol. It is the 60th year this group has opened the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. I just wanted to send you pictures of Trigger. I am so very pleased with him. He is an absolutely fabulous horse. He is exactly what I was looking for. He is so smart and absolutely willing to do anything I ask of him. We started rodeo on the 4th of Feb. and everyone in our group are so amazed at how spectacular he has done for a first time horse. He is so very beautiful and under silver he looks amazing. Thank you again for finding me this wonderful companion. I plan on taking some photos of him alone in his silver and will send it to you. Hope this finds you both well. Talk to you soon, your friend,
Kathy Dodson

From: Nancy Paulson
Sent: Tue, Dec 1, 2009 12:39 am
Subject: HELLO
Hey Fred, 
 Was just perusing your site as I often do....and see you have decorated for Christmas.  ! Lovely.......Joyful..!   Joy is when we buy one of your horses and  find pleasure in riding and caring for them. receiving their love and learning from them .
 Joy is seeing our friends and family enjoy getting to know how wonderful riding a Walker or gaited animal is.......and watching the faces of the children getting to enjoy "horses"......
We have been extremely fortunate to have purchased several wonderful gaited horses from you........and I cannot say enough that they are as wonderful as you try to explain to your customers coast to coast......
We recently bought "Wick" from you and while we have not yet been able to ride him in the mountains.......He is gorgeous, bright, and his personality is willing and very is that of Mr. Cracker  and Mr. Mello who we purchased a couple of years ago now.....
I want your friends and customers and anyone else who might read this to know.......that they will receive special gifts from riding these amazing creatures......and I want to say that if I had not purchased Wick....(who is now WINGS...of the Eagle).......I would have gladly been the willing owner of MAGIC MAN........One can tell from your descriptions of this magnificent strong animal that he would take them anywhere willingly , safely, and with nobility......his confirmation is so strong........and his temperament ..well  I am guessing he would be the one for someone who is smart enough to look at him and say.  NOW THAT'S A FINE ANIMAL.. !  If i had the means I would buy him too..... this minute.!......
  Wings......will have to do for now..since it was a surprise for my husband for his birthday.  and WHAT A SURPRISE.  LOLOLOL..  HE ALSO LOVES THE EXQUISITE BLACK TRAIL SADDLE....and thinks it looks so grand on Mello and Wings....I think he thinks he looks kinda grand as well.  :) and it is so much lighter than his old one! 

Thank you so much Fred  for loving these animals and making them available to us..
Folks they bring LIFE, AND JOY, PEACE FOR THE SOUL AND STRENGTH TO THE HEART.......don't balk at the prices...........THEY ARE WORTH EVERY CENT!!!!!!!

-----Original Message-----
From: Karen Clifford
Sent: Wed, Nov 11, 2009 12:09 pm
Subject: Beach ride

Hi Fred,


The Beach ride was awesome!!!!  Over 2,000 riders. I would say about 80% were gaited. America has gone gaited!  Me and my boy Boston rode the beach twice a day for three days straight.  He was awesome, but did you think he would be anything but???  When he first laid eyes on the big ole ocean he was a little taken back, but NO bad behavior what so ever.  Once he went in there was no stopping him.  I attached a couple pics for you.  Once again, I bought the BEST damn horse on the planet from you.  I can’t imagine my life without him.  We have a bond like no other and he aims to please every time I handle him or ride him.  We are a GREAT team.  I would NEVER part with him.  Check out the last pic, he is covered in sand from swimming in the ocean.  I had to bath him everyday, thank god it was 80 degrees everyday!!!

 Talk to you soon.

Karen and Boston

Attached is the website of this ride: Horseback Beach Ride

Sent: Sunday, November 08, 2009 9:57 AM
Subject: Letter and photo for Testimonial Letter section

November 9, 2009
Hi Fred,
Pedro humped this buck out over hill and dale about 2 miles for me. VERY HAPPY
WITH THIS HORSE. He learns very quickly.
Frank Bowman
Custer, SD

Sent: Sunday, November 01, 2009 12:22 PM
Subject: Testimonial Letter

November 1, 2009
Hey Fred:

Just a quick note to thank you for your hospitality and reaffirm to you that Topper is indeed a "nice, nice horse!" He travelled Lincoln Nat'l Forest country w/o any effort at all. My buds were so impressed that there are four of them scratchin their chins goin "hmmmmm.."
I will keep watching your website and reading your Stories!
Thanks again,
Ray Larson
El Paso, Texas

Sent: Monday, October 12, 2009 6:19 AM
Hi Fred,
Just wanted you to know that Bob and I are enjoying Honey (Faith) and Belle.  On our first ride together after bringing Honey home, Bob turned to me with a grin and said "is this what you had in mind all along?".  Yep, just going down the road together without a care, knowing that the horses are taking care of the details and enjoying themselves as well.  Last Friday we saddled up and rode in the area around the house for nearly 3 hours.  We have so much more confidence with these horses. Next week we are joining a group at the Mescalero Sand Dunes for a ride.  I can hardly wait.
Please say Hi to Paul and give your pups a pat.
Thanks again,
Roswell, New Mexico

From: Kathy Pavilanis <>
Sent: Sun, Sep 27, 2009 2:39 pm
Subject: hi Fred its Kathy


Well, its fall and things have slowed down a bit for me so I can write. Bud is the perfect horse for me. Thanks again. he's exactly as you described him. I don't ride very often, maybe 2-3 times a month, and Bud's the same every time I take him out- he don't need to be rode constantly just like you said. Thanks again for the 'right horse for me'. You can use this as a testimonial if you want. I also tell everyone I ride with about where I got him from and highly recommend you for anyone looking for that perfect trail horse.

So take care - don't work too hard. I know somebody's got to do the work - taking the clients out on trail rides (chortle- ha ha) And hey - now winters coming, how about some more funny stories? and if you ever get that book published, of course let me know.

Take care,
Kathy Pavilanis

Sent: Tuesday, August 25, 2009 12:25 AM
Subject: Testimonial Letter
Hi Fred, about 1 1/2 yrs ago I bought a horse from you sight unseen. You said you would guarantee the horse would be just as he said it was, and he is.  He's a terrific little trail pony, and a real sweetheart, exactly what I had asked you for, plus healthy and sound. :)  He's a pleasure to own, gives no trouble at all.  I can tool around on him with just a halter and lead even if he hasn't been ridden in weeks.  He makes me laugh when I'm tending fences because he's gotta have his head under my arm like he's asking "whatchadoin? whatchadoin? whatchadoin?".  GO AWAY!  I yell, and he'll stand there and sulk.  He goes out on the trail alone without fuss and has quite the pioneer spirit (just like any good New Englander).  I took a huge risk buying him sight unseen but you guys were gentlemen and didn't steer me wrong and I truly appreciate it.
Anyway, just wanted to say Thanks.  Hope things are going well for you in your new home.
Jen  (New England)

From: Linda Bayer <>
To: Fred Mau <>
Sent: Fri, Aug 7, 2009 8:20 pm
Subject: Testimonial letter
Fred :
     Just wanted to let you know how Mike and I are doing with our horses, Cowboy Red and Shadow.  We have had them since the end of May now and finally feel like we are somewhat settled in.  We have worked with a trainer, for our own comfort - certainly not because either horse needed it. We almost feel like the horses were the kindergarten teachers!!!  They are both patient, tolerant, willing and "long suffering" on our behalf's. They are much, much more than you said they would be. Thank you for that, and for your diligence in seeking out the best horse's this country has to offer for people just like us - people who want a horse that will train us!  We so enjoyed our visit with you 2 weeks ago, and you and Paul were awesome and generous in spending the entire weekend with us - we went places with our horses that we truly believed only billy goats could go. Mike and I may have shut our eyes at times, but Cowboy and S

Linda and Mike, Amarilllo. Texas

From: Obrien505 <>
Sent: Sun, Aug 2, 2009 8:59 pm
Subject: Lasher

Hi Fred!
Sorry its taken me so long to write, but I LOVE this horse!!!   He is incredible!  Such a sweet soul on the ground and always a delight to ride!  You brought him over to Edgewood on a Thursday, and the next day, I took off work to ride, and it rained ALL day, but I did start riding him that weekend and have had several delightful rides since!!  Please let Paul know I'm sorry to have absconded with his (then) favorite horse, but I certainly don't regret it!!!   We have renamed him "Duke."  Keeps it simpler for my feeble mind now that I just turned 57!  Can't believe we got Prince from you over a year ago and now we have Duke!!  We started this journey two years ago to get a couple horses so Tom and I could start riding again together as our kids have gone off to college, and I never thought it would've taken this long, but so well worth it!  Thank you for your p
And, thank you again for all your help and for offering such consistent, high quality gaited horses for sale!!  If we ever need another horse, you will be the first (and we know, the last!) person we call!
I'm going to try and attach some pictures that our 19-yr-old daughter, Erin, took when she came out to ride right after we got him (she liked Prince better...he was slower, and I don't think she'd ridden in at least 5 years!)  I may have to send them separately if I can't get this to work, but here goes.  One'll be of Duke and I, and the other of Prince doing his best Conan O'Brien imitation.

From: Ray Larson < >
Sent: Thu, 11 Jun 2009 10:54 am
Subject: Cherokee

Hi Fred:
Ed and I just returned from a group ride in the Chama, NM area. Lots of steep climbs, dead fall, some snow drifting, etc – you know, your kind of stuff! Cherokee was the star of the bunch. He balked a little at some white water but eventually plowed right in. Ed rode each of the four days while others had to lay back w/ a tired mount. Pretty good since Cherokee has been down here at 3800ft in El Paso since we picked him up in March. My leg and lower back problems continue to keep me out of the saddle but I will continue to check your site weekly for when the right one comes along.
Ray Larson
El Paso

From: Jimmy Joseph
Sent: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 2:11 pm
Subject: Re: Horses


Hey! Thanks for the call, checking up on us and the horses. We are doing fine and actually rode all weekend, it was great! the horses are all that you said they would be and even MORE!!!! After going to the ranch, we finally got back home Monday evening. We corral ed the horses for a few days and turned them out into the pasture today! They really love it. It was our pleasure dealing with you, Fred, you are a GREAT GUY!!! Hope to see you down the road....Will stay in touch and we will read your stories!!!! See Ya,

Your friend, Jimmy J.:):):)

Hi Fred,

I'm very pleased with Coalman so far. We took him out to the local biking/motorcycle area where there are miles and miles of trails, (and bikes and motorcycles). He was awesome. Nothing bothered him. In fact we came up on a couple of motorcycles that had passed us. Bikes were turned off, but there the bikers were in all their strange gear, leaning on their bikes and Coalman walked right up to them and presented his forehead to be scratched!

Anyway, I think Coalman was a good choice for me. Thanks for all your hospitality. I'd be glad to recommend your place to anyone!

Gunnison, Colorado

October 29, 2008

Hey Fred!

WELCOME to New Mexico!!! Great to see you've moved and great to see Becky riding in some of the photos on the website! "Hi Becky!"

Whoa!!! I can't believe it's been almost a year since we bought Prince! He got to lounge around the barn and corral until MARCH!!! But, our first ride in early March went great! I was expecting just about anything...but, off we went for a delightful trail ride in the hills above our was like we'd just done it the day before! Unbelievable! He continues to be steady and dependable on each and every ride...not to mention his great gait! What a huge testament for the "weekend" rider! Hey! I practically qualify for the "monthly" rider! Prince is a prime example of the kind of experienced trail horses you have--he may get ridden intermittently, but performs like a champ each and every time--no matter how much time has elapsed since the last ride. Can't ask for more than that! (Plus, what a puppy dog he is--follows me everywhere!) 

Tom and I are still hopeful to pick up a second horse from you as soon as we can. It'll be a lot more fun to be able to ride together again!

We'll be in touch soon--and...

Dawn O'Brien
Edgewood, NM

October 11, 2008

Hi Fred,

I have to tell you about our weekend. My wife and I went to a 50 mile endurance ride held along the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We took "Cody" along, just to see how he would do. With his perfect manners and smooth gaits, he was a joy to ride through the pines and golden aspen trees. He carried 240 lbs, with me and my saddle, over 50 miles of the Grand Canyon National Forest, in just 6 1/2 hours. We finished in 12th place out of 40 horses! He was absolutely remarkable in his handling of the trail, camping, and being around strange horses. He takes good care of himself, eating and drinking when he needs to. We now call him "John Henry," and if you only had horses just like him to sell, you would be able to retire in the lap of luxury in no time! Thanks again for helping me find the horse that suits me perfectly. 

Dr. Bruce Weary Prescott, Arizona

October 11, 2008

Hello Fred,

Thought you might enjoy a picture of Rohan and I. Were above the Valles Caldera preserve, near the Los Alamos ski hill. Rohan is a joy to ride and has been a complete gentleman at all times. He will walk with the slowest of friends or give my husband's Belgian cross a run for his money. I just give him a direction, sit back and ask for whatever speed I want. He is one of the most surefooted horses I have=ever ridden, which is a must on our rough canyon trails. As an added benefit, he is flashy, smooth, and rather handsome in his new black tack. Thank you for the "test drive" trail ride. I knew he was the one right away, but made you keep going. I'm still trying to get the grin off my face.

Ruth Schulte
Los Alamos, NM

August 11, 2008


I am writing you to have a good word about Lady Dapple. If you want to post this on a testimonial go ahead. I have had Lady Dapple (Dee Dapple’s sister) home for two weeks. Because of illness in the family I have not be able to ride. Lady is a wonder to have- easy to catch and very willing to please. She is no different that when I picked her up at your place. She and her sister (Dee Dapple) both are people oriented. The first time I have been able to ride was Saturday and off with my friends I went. Upon arriving at Greenland Colorado I realized that I had no cinch. I was not about to be left so Lady stood by a picnic table on slick concrete (I do not advise doing this again) and placed herself so I can get on and gingerly walked to off the slick surface with me holding my breath. You see I am 50 something and haven’t done bareback in 40 something years. Once on the trail with the others we went on; we were lead. Within two minutes a freight train rounded the corner and proceeded our way. The trail is no more than 100 feet from the tracks and I became very aware that a lot of things could go wrong very quickly. Here is the great part- nothing went wrong. This horse although concerned did nothing different than watch the train come closer and was still walking toward it- the multiple horns sounded and she is still walking with the group on lose rein. Then the second train (approaching from the rear at the same time) rounded the corner with horns blowing and she was concerned but still with me and checking in with me and with a soft word walked on as smooth as glass. During the ride we encountered storm clouds in the foot hills by us , thunder, lighting and an abrupt encounter with a bicyclist at the top of the hill (she did stop- that’s it). After two hours and seven miles I was sore but so happy with this horse I had to share it with you. My tack included a double broken snaffle bit- that’s it. Fred when you say you do right by someone you do.

Elsa Kirn

Aleut Global Solutions L.L.C.
P.O.Box 009
Building 500, Room 142
Schriever AFB, CO 80912-6009

July 9, 2008


I am writing this to thank you so much for helping me find the perfect horse for one of my Special Olympic athletes. As you know I am a coach for a Special Olympics Equestrian team here in the Albuquerque area. And having bought a Tennessee Walker from you for myself almost 2 years ago, I had a hunch you would be able to help me find something for this very special rider. You had worked with me to find the right horse that I could ride with my knee issues and healing fractured pelvis and at 50 years of age I was afraid my riding days might be coming to an end. Now with Cherokee, my 8 year old Tennessee Walker, I look forward to many many years of riding!

Martin’ is one of my best riders, but even so, as a Special Olympian we were looking for something for her that was “bomb proof” and that she could have for a long time. We found that for her in Sunny T, a Rocky Mountain Gaited horse. 

When I spoke to her family about going to see Sunny, they were a little apprehensive at first, because Sunny was only 5 years old and everyone they talked to said they would be “crazy” to buy a 5 year old horse for their special needs daughter! But I was certain that if you said this horse was “kid proof” and “dead broke” that is what we would find and sure enough it was. It was love at first sight for both Sunny and Martin’! 

I remember Martin’s dad telling her on the way up to see the horse, “we are only going to see this horse, we are not buying a horse today, remember that”. Well, I remembered it when we stopped for lunch in Las Vegas after seeing the horse and Martin’s dad asked me to call you and make arrangements for the horse to be delivered to my place as soon as possible! Martin’ and her dad called you and told you the good news and you and I worked out the details of delivery to my place for this amazing horse!

I have enclosed some pictures of Martin’ and Sunny T on the day you delivered him. Martin’ and Sunny T become closer and closer each day if that is possible. This little horse absolutely adores Martin’ and she unconditionally loves him back!

Also, I want to thank you for your very kind donation of Apache, the 3 year old Rocky Mountain horse, to our Special Olympics Team. He also is an amazing example of the wonderful disposition these horses possess. Imagine a 3 year old horse calm enough to ride children! He is so adorable and loved by everyone here at the Curley Key.

Again, thanks for all your efforts on behalf of Martin’, Special Olympics and me personally! These amazing gaited horses you sell have sold me on gaited horses forever! Having been a hard core Quarterhorse cowgirl, that is pretty amazing in itself.

Keep up the good work for all your horses and future owners. I would recommend you to anyone wanting to buy a horse – from beginners to mature experienced riders – you can’t beat Fred Mau and his Trail Horses of Colorado and New Mexico!


June Storey
Certified Equestrian Coach
Special Olympics of New Mexico
Curley Key Riders of Rio Rancho
Rio Rancho, NM

May 3, 2008 

Dear Fred,

Wow!!! What a gal. After losing the love of my life, a 20 year old TWH last year, I went on a mission to replace him. They say that the third time is a charm but the sixth time was Charming, now known as LaKota. I'm a 60 year old and on my mission I had one horse buck with me, and another rear up on me. My confidence was nearly gone and I was to the point of giving up. I found Charming on your website and just knew she was the one for me. I could not wait to get her home, her forever home! 

We've been on a 3 day trail ride, and she was just PERFECT!! I can not thank you enough for helping me find the new love of my life. 

Karen Pilgrim
Abilene, Texas

May 1, 2008 


I can't thank you enough. I got two awesome bomb proof horses. We did not feel pressured and the trip was not to bad either. Last week I took both horses to their first field trial and they were the talk of the trial. They were hands down the most magnificent and regal looking horses there. When I rode the first brace I could hear everybody talking as I rode down the trail past all the trailers campers and trucks. People were stunned as you can see how smooth they are when I ride them. Those horses made me look like I knew how to ride and I didn't even spill a drop of coffee. I got compliments from everybody and I do mean everybody. During the trial a dog was out of sight and the it popped out of the hedge row I was riding Rowdy down. I got startled as I thought for a second it was a deer. The horse never skipped a step and I know he saw it. They calm me with there smooth gate and gentle disposition. At field trials we stake our horses out on a twelve foot rubber coated cable. After the first day I never had to help them out. They learned real fast. First trip out with them 175 dogs, 450 gun shots, one pheasant that almost hit the horse in the head, bridges, water crossings and mud deep enough to loose a pony. They handled it like they were field trial horses all their life. They did not refuse me, not one time. I want to thank you for all your patience and for being a man of your word. I am so happy my wife is jealous of the horses. I will and would recommend anyone to you.

Daniel Rice
Braveheart Kennels and Game Birds LLC
Point of Rocks, Maryland

April 23, 2008


Now that Dewey and I have been together for a few months I wanted to update you to let you know how much of a perfect fit he is with me. I am not the most experienced rider and was concerned about 
purchasing a horse sight unseen. Not only is Dewey a beautiful horse but he does everything I could ask him to do. He stands for mounting, stands for the farrier and he has no fear when riding. We see many deer and wild turkeys while riding on the trails and Dewey doesn't even blink. Any traffic that may go by doesn't bother him, He is just about "Bomb Proof" If we ever purchase another horse I would not have to be concerned. I would just give you a call.

Thanks for your patience with me and thanks for Dewey.
Best Regards,
Bob Davis
New Jersey

March 18, 2008

Hi Fred, 

The decision to purchase my next horse to eventually replace my beloved 26 year old Savannah’s Stride appendix QH gelding was a hard one to make. It admits the fact that he’s needing to slow down and semi-retire and that’s a tough thing to realize when you love your riding partner as much as I do. 

I’ve been building your ads for Trail Horses of Colorado/New Mexico for over two years now, here at Today’s Horse Trader Magazine, and have always admired the fine horses you find, run through your training/trail riding regimens, and then sell. I decided to inquire about Coppertop (who is now Copper), a beautiful chestnut Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse gelding. It was a joy to know I could take my time in making my decision. You encouraged me to visit him, ride him, vet check him all I wanted at whatever pace was comfortable for me. I really listen to the inner “voice” (aka God) and didn’t have a single red flag with this horse... he was just lovely and lovingly looking for his new forever home and partner. Well he’s got it! I have had more fun with this horse in the short time I’ve had him... he’s 20 years younger than my gentleman Savannah, but proving to be fun, personable, safe and sane. You told me these gaited breeds make your job easy because they are so easy-going and safe... well, you were NOT kidding! Thank you for two things: not breeding - there’s enough great horses in the world; and for finding GREAT trail horses for people who love to explore the world from the back of a horse!

Vicki Wemple
Graphic Designer / Artist
Today’s Horse Trader Magazine
Tijeras, New Mexico

14 Jan 2008

Dear Fred,

They say that a person who is lucky gets blessed with one good horse, and one good dog in their life. I have already had the dog, and now THANKS TO YOU, I have the horse! 

Dixie is intelligent, loving, kind, and has a gait as big as the sky. I never in a million years imagined that trading horses sight unseen would allow me to have such a horse as her. I have owned many horses in my lifetime, and honestly she is by far number one in the rankings. This weekend I rode her with only her halter and lead rope, bareback, and we had a blast. 

To all of you who are considering purchasing a horse from Mr. Fred Mau, just do it.  Fred is honest, kind, a complete gentleman, and above all his word is good.  Anybody considering doing business with Trail Horses of Colorado is welcome to contact me.  I will gladly share my experiences in doing business with Fred to anyone who inquires.

Thank You Fred!
Sonja McGuire

Dear 15, 2007

Dear Fred,
Just a short note thank you for selling good quality, trail horses and more...

Well last December my Fiancé purchased me Tessa off of the THOC site, for Christmas. Well with all of the snow I did not get Tessa until January 19, 2007. She was purchased as a unregistered, tobiano trail horse. Well the night I received her I met the driver alone on that cold winter night, She got off of the trailer and looked like she had 2 1/2" of hair and I thought oh my gosh is it a sheep or a horse. Well since we have changed our ambitions in life, the little unregistered trail horse, is now a double registered show horse. As luck has it dana sold his trail horse so we decided we would take the high road, Tessa will soon be one of the best and most pleasurable horses I have owned, she is absolutely gorgeous and is spoiled rotten.  I would not trade her for a Million!!!!!  Thanks Fred.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Tessa Goes To Town

Thanks & Merry Christmas ! I Luv Tessa!

Pictured below of her last horse show.. I will keep you updated on progress!!!

Click for larger view

1 Jan 2008

Hi Fred,
I was so glad to see that you sold Taurus. I am enjoying Rhona (aka Daisy) so much! She is just wonderful. She gets along great with all of the other horses and is very playful. I have taken her out on trail a lot and she does great! She has no problems going out by herself. She is so sweet. The boys that I give lessons to just love her and can't wait to ride her. She has become a part of the family, no problems. I have been riding her english and even jumping her and she has taken everything great! I have been riding her in the snow, we have had about a foot for the past month, and she is perfect in it. 

Thanks so much for such an amazing girl. Next time I go to buy a horse it will be from you!!!

Best Wishes,
Connor et al
Santa Fe, New Mexico

21 Dec 2007

Hi Fred,
Grace (we renamed her Tuesday) is doing GREAT, we just adore her. She still dominates the heck over our other mare, but overall things are going really well. We are learning how to ride her gaits, as she is our first gaited horse. She continues to be smooth, willing and learning quickly. 

And, of course we still think she is the most beautiful horse.... see the attached picture.

Merry Christmas,

18 Dec 2007

Hi Everyone,

First.. I would just like to say Thank You for employing such wonderful staff!! They have the patience of saints!! Only wish we could have rode the horses in the Gardens of the Gods like we had planned.. but the ride to Darlene's house on Cowboy ended up being alot of fun.

After riding several of your beautiful horses in April of this year (2007)...we ended up buying not just one..but two..of your wonderful Rocky Mountain Horses...MC and Cowboy (aka: Rudy). They are both just AWESOME and after being 110% the Quarter Horse person all my life..riding these 2 boys has changed that forever!! I don't think we will ever own any other horse but a gaited horse. We are now able to ride all day long without back or leg pain.. thanks to these super smooth gaited wonders!! The long trip trailering them home was an easy one..with MC and Cowboy being perfect gentleman.

My hubby..Sam..was a bit worried about MC's 16.2 hand height..but we purchased LEG SAVERS that are push button stiurrup extenders and are able to get on the BIG BOY with ease. We have dubbed MC the nickname PRETTY BOY..because he is 'music in motion' while gaiting, turns into the most fantastic dappled dark chocolate color in summer and has the personality of a big puppy dog..who is always the first one at the gate to greet us and follow us everywhere we go. 

Cowboy is our little HAPPY FEET and such a joy to hang out with. He has a smooth as silk gait that is such a pleasure to ride. He is my 'Mamas Boy' and loves to be scratched and cuddled. It still amazes me that he can keep up with the bigger longer strided horses..with no problems at all..and still be so smooth.

If we are ever in the market to purchase another horse..or will be the first person we contact. I am sending a collage of all of OUR KIDS (horses) that I have put together, one of a portrait I had done of MC and one of me riding Cowboy at our local arena. I also rode him in a gaited horse class at a local show and we won a 2nd place trophy!! Not bad for someone who hasn't shown in many many years. 

Again...THANK YOU for everything and Happy Holidays to you and your great staff!!
Sam and Deb Taylor
Arco, Idaho

5 Dec 2007


about a year ago I purchased a KMSH horse named Hammer from Thoc.  I am sorry to be so late in writing to you but wanted to let you know he is the sweetest, most dependable, and calm horse I have ever owned. Now, age 5, my kids can ride him and he doesn't do a thing, yet he will move on out for me when asked. Even though I cannot ride as often as I would like he feels as safe and calm as ever. Thank you so much for all you do with these horses.. if only I could ride those Colorado trails-they look so beautiful. 


14 Nov 2007

Hi Fred,

Just wanted you to know how happy Barb and I are with the three horses that we have bought from you so far. They are smooth as silk and have the best temperament that I have ever seen. You name it and they will do it.

Trail riding is a pleasure with these horses. They trailer extremely well, are good with our dogs, come up to be haltered, stand to be mounted, are responsive and well mannered, but more than that, they have become our close friends and trusted companions.

Buying a GOOD horse can be an extremely difficult and time consuming process. More often than not you are disappointed and have no recourse. You have taken those risks out of the equation with your guarantee and careful screening of your horses.

It’s nice to deal with someone one knows what the hell he is talking about and stands behind what he sells. If I ever am in the market for another horse, rest assured, you will be the first person I contact.

Thanks again for everything,

Joe and Barb Krum
Placitas, NM

November 3, 2007 

Paul and I picked up Star on Saturday and were able to make it home by 2:00. We put her in the pasture with our other horses and they did fine. There has been some pushing and shoving but that's to be expected. She has actually been hanging out with our other mare and they seem to get along fine. I rode her this morning up the back of Emerald Mountain. She crossed water several times, crossed culverts, bush whacked and did just great. After a 3 hour rest, we saddled up again and went to the neighbors. We brought in the cows, separated the bulls and moved them to a different pasture. She is not afraid of the cows or bulls and works just like she should. So far Star is a dream and everything that I have wanted. Thanks for everything. I am happy.

Barb Youngs
Steamboat Springs, Colorado

11 Oct 2007

Hi Fred, 

Yvonne and I just want to thank you for RP and Goldylocks. We are so pleased with them both. You truly have the finest trail/mountain horses I've every seen. We both can't wait to get out on the trails. You may use us for a reference, if you wish. 

Thanks again and God Bless.
Rodger and Yvonne Kane.
Albuquerque, NM

25 Sep 2007

Hi Fred,

I just wanted to let you know that Stevie Nicks the Missouri Fox Trotter is wonderful!!! She is my little gem. 

A year and a half ago I lost a Palomino quarter mare that had been my “Sunday” horse for the previous 22 years. I told my husband that I was eventually going to get another horse but definitely not a Palomino mare. I wanted an older gelding, and any color but Palomino. I have always been intrigued by gaited horses but have never owned one. 

After viewing your website and chatting with you several times, I took a huge leap of faith and bought a horse sight unseen. I realize that sounds insane. After explaining what I was looking for – a dependable trail horse appropriate for someone who is old enough to be the mother of a teenager, you told me about Stevie. So here I go buying a three year old Palomino mare. I am still amazed every day. She is everything you said she was - kind, gentle and a joy to ride. She always meets me at the gate and gets along great with our little gelding Trigger. She is respectful of me and plenty energetic on the trail. She is very willing and fun to work with. My riding buddies are very impressed also! Stevie and I have started checking out our many trails here in the central coast of California . 

I wish you all the best in beautiful Colorado ! I always enjoy seeing your website and checking out the new horses for sale. Thanks again for everything!

Happy Trails!

Cindy Rugh and family

19 Sep 2007

Morning Fred,

Just wanted to let you know how thrilled I have been with the fifth horse I obtained from your operation this year! Scarlet went with us on our annual trek this summer. After leaving your facility we drove straight to Moab Utah and rode the 100 degree temps of the area. As you know when I pick up a new horse it needs to be ready to ride family members from 8 to 80. They must travel through terrain that can and will include elevations in excess of 12,000 ft. with riders that often are getting on a horse for the very first time. I must say that Scarlet has proven herself time and time again. She rode the coast of CA and the high Sierra country of Yosemite National Park and many locations in the National Forests in several states. There are too many stories too tell you here, I will say she was the most requested horse on the trip (about 6 weeks). I have included a picture of a friend cantering on her in a meadow at Custer State Park SD. I apologize again for being such a picky customer, although I know you and your staff will be patient and I will be pleased when I leave. Happy Trails My Friend!

Frank R. Bowman

16 Aug 2007 `Domino & Lightning

Hi Fred,

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much Steve and I are enjoying Domino and Lightning. After all that deliberation I think we picked the two perfect horses for ourselves (although, as you know, I would have been happy to have added a third!) You were just great to work with and the horses are exactly as promised. We took them out on the Rocky Mountain trails for several days before returning to Michigan and have also had several very experienced riders take them out for trail rides. We have had many comments about how beautiful they are and what a delight they are to ride-both responsive and smooth. You were right about the fact that once you 
ride gaited horses you never want to go back to a "bouncy trot" again. I know we are going to enjoy them for years to come. Thanks, again. It's been a pleasure doing business with you!

All the best,

22 Jul 2007 

Hi There:

I bought Caleb (Ryder) from you last February and thought you might like to see some photos from a trail ride this weekend here on the Island. It was a perfect ride and Caleb is the best horse I have ever had, and my first TWH, and I have had a lot of horses. He is fun, very personable and smooth. He has really learned to accept things on the trail that used to surprise him in these dense woods, like mountain bikers, dogs and hikers coming around the corner unexpected. I am so proud of him.

Thanks so much for being so honest. I always tell people looking for a good trail horse about you and how to find your web site.


Kris Miller
Whidbey Island, Washington

15 Jul 2007

Hi Fred,
Have had Cherokee for two and a half weeks now and could not be happier.  He is doing great - we have gone through water, over bridges, encountered bicycles-walkers-runners-skateboards - a couple of coyotes that meet us on the trail each morning-traffic and through a tunnel! He certainly catches every ones eye too! Going with a gaited horse is just what the doctor ordered with my back problem. Never feel jarred with his smoothness. Feel free to  add us to your reference list. What a wonderful experience it has been getting back into horses after too many years.

Thanks again!!

Johanna Stephenson
Canyon Echoes Flamework Beads,

2 Jul 2007

Hey Fred buddy,

It's a real pleasure to write this testimonial on your behalf and THOC. There are no words what an awesome horse Sonny is. He's everything you said he is and then some. Since I've had him I put him through his paces and he has never let me down. He's my go to boy. No matter the situation or location, he's safe, reliable, enjoyable to ride and just be with every time. You don't have to worry about vices most horses have with him and he's got a heart of gold.

I know that before I bought Sonny I was a real pain in the rear, probably more so than anybody else would have been. Being a real skeptic and particular person about everything in my life, it was worrisome for me to buy a horse sight unseen. After numerous conversations however, though certain doubts were erased, ultimately it took a mutual friend's convincing who bought a horse from you and couldn't stop raving about how awesome he is, to make the purchase. And let me tell you, he was worth every penny.

I want to thank you for your honesty, being patient, listening, understanding and just not giving up on me. I not only got the horse I was looking for, but I also found a friend in you. I believe that's exactly what anybody else can expect too. Buying a horse of a lifetime from a trusted friend. They'll go to sleep and wake up with a smile on their face and a warm feeling in their hearts about their new companion. A lot of places out there claim they have trail horses for sale, but you truly do, that even the greenest and most timid of riders will have a blast on. I'd only trust you to get my next horse from.

Many thanks again for everything, and whenever you're in my neck of the woods, you're always welcome at my place. Be talking to you.

Your friend,

Laszlo and Sonny, Pennsylvania

2 Jul 2007


I just have to tell you how pleased we are with our horse Cody (aka Starbuck). After we picked him up from you, we took him to our trainer for 3 weeks and when we picked him up, the guy said he didn't even know if he should charge us as he was such a good horse and a fun ride. He did teach him to neck rein and be responsive to leg pressure when turning and now on the trails I have been trying to mostly ride with my legs and just drop the reins which he just improves with each ride. In the mountains, Cody has performed very well and gets around the rocks in the hills like a pro but most important, he has really settled in to being such a gentleman and kind horse to ride. Diana and I have been going out riding and she still rides her old quarter horse but today she rode Cody. Needless to say, I don't think she will be riding her quarter horse much more. We can finally retire "Grandma" and let her be the pet she wants to be and concentrate on riding Cody and our Foxtrotter. I was hoping to ride Cody but after today, I think he is all Diana's horse which is good for her. Needless to say, she has come a long way in getting her confidence back since the day we all met and is doing great on the horses.

Anyway Fred, just wanted to let you know of a very successful sale you made making two people and a horse very happy. Matching us up with Cody couldn't have turned out better for all three of us. 

No problem in using our email. I don't know how many letters of thanks you receive but bet if you canvassed your buyers, you would fine many happy people out there like us. We are all looking for safe horses and you seem to be in the business in finding them and then matching them up with people like us.

We would love to have you come for a ride anytime you are in the area.  Have a happy 4th of July to you and family. 

Thank you again, 

Silver City, New Mexico

June 15, 2007

Fred, just want to drop a note to say hello and let you know that we are doing fine Sugar and I. Been on a trail ride or two and lots of riding at home and she is just the perfect little lady with me. Can carry me all day and still have energy left. Has never offered me a buck or done anything I did not ask her to do. She is my buddy, when I get stressed out I go talk to her and just groom her, her manners are impeccable. Twice now I have trusted you and twice now you have not failed me THANK-YOU VERY MUCH. You gave me the trust back that I wanted so much. And Sugars former owner and I are friends! Keep up the good work and I will testify for you every time.

Sugar and Brenda

May 12, 2007

Hey Fred,

I just wanted to say a quick hello-if you ever come out towards Littleton to trail ride give me a call!  Zorro and I are out every weekend. He has really turned out to be such a blessing. He takes care of me on the trail and is happy to lead or be behind everyone. Last weekend we rode through a pasture of cattle and would you believe he started running them! He was happy to push them around and have fun, I couldn't believe it! He has such a wonderful personality and being the spunky guy he is, we have formed quite the bond. I was having a tough time one day and went out to see him. And when I walked in the stall he could tell I was upset and so he walked over and put his head on my chest and closed his eyes and just stood there snuggling with me for a long time! We're pals, and I couldn't have found him without you! Thanks so much, hope all is well.

Anna Mack Hardison

29 Mar 2007

Hi Fred,

Just wanted to let you know that Lady and the Voshel family are getting along just fine. After years of horses that didn't fit we have finally found an excellent match. We appreciate your time and patience as we went through the process of finding the "right" horse. You went above and beyond when you exchanged Star for Lady. If anybody wants to verify your integrity or your honesty, please have them contact us. Our Fox Trotter, Lady, is perfect. She loads and trailers well. She stands for mounting. Lady has a wonderful, willing personality. Rides smooth as silk. 

Thank you for running a great operation. We will continue to refer people to Trail Horses of Colorado, and we won't hesitate to buy another horse from you in the future.

Karen and Gerrit Voshel
Nunn, Colorado

16 Mar 2007

All I can say is AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! Gunner is everything you said, and everything I've been dreaming of! He's safe, very well gaited, mellow but not lazy, sweet... and just gorgeous! My friends are jealous. Thank you SO much! The service you gave my transporter was definitely going the extra mile. I found you all to be very honest and professional. Thanks for making my dreams come true!

"Heather in Utah"

7 Feb 2007
Subject: Jake

Dear Fred, 
I am so sorry that my last letter to you was lost. but there is another one on the way. I meant to say so much more about my Jake. He is something. Trusted by all my friends and given to young riders when on
trail. I ride him bareback of all things at home in the ring. I fell 30 feet off of a fire tower 10 years ago and it took me 6 months to learn how to walk again. I spent years looking for the right horse and at the age of 45 I purchased a beautiful supposedly , well trained, broke broke Halflinger and she threw me 5 months later, once again shattering my back and my dreams. But not one to give up, I searched again and my friend out west in Montana whom I visit every year takes me riding on her Missouri Fox Trotter. I fell in love with the smooth gait and found that I could ride all day with no back pain!!!!! So I went back to the drawing board. I kept seeing your ads in the Trial Rider mag and in the Trail Blazer, and you have a guarantee that struck me right away. So I called. And you gave me a list of references. I called them. I don't know how to thank you!! Jake and I are good together. (Only he is still too tall for me, I can't get off on the trail unless I find a rock) Jake is 13 now. but I still look forward to many good years with him. You listened to what I was looking for, and you found it. I feel that I got more then my monies worth. I got my dream of feeling safe again. This is coming from a lady that was in search and rescue for seventeen years and rode mules on searches where no horse dare tread. I gave up search and rescue, but could not and would not give up my trail riding!! 
Thank-you for everything and I will be looking for a small 13.3 smooth older (over ten) horse when I move to Montana in October. 

Thanks again,
Brenda M. Reik (photo to follow in the mail)

1  Feb 2007
Subject:  Gypsy

I would like to thank you personally for your choice of horse for me and your incredibly accurate description of her. I am a 20yr plus competitive team and calf roper/roper horse trainer. I have ridden, trained and roped on 100's of different horses over the years. My expertise is with performance quarter horses and referred to you to find a quality gaited horse to use as a trail mount. I would not trade my quarter horses for anything in the arena but as we all know once you ride a gaited horse all day you will have a hard time getting back on anything else (I could not believe how much more comfortable, smooth and effortless a good gaited horse is to ride). You recommended for me a 4 yr old Spotted Saddle horse mare you had (I was a little hesitant about a 4yr old mare). I requested a horse that was smooth to ride, calm, good about going out by themselves, good with feet, easy to haul, not spooky, not lazy and at least started on neck reining (it is much easier to lead pack horses of a well broke horse that neck reins). I have never bought a horse sight unseen until now and I am more than happy. She is exactly what I requested and better than expected. My next horse will definitely be  purchased from you and I would recommend Trail Horses of Colorado to anyone and everyone who wants to find exactly the horse you are looking for with an absolute accurate assessment of the animal from the start. After 20 plus years in the horse world I can guarantee you that you are the most honest and accurate horseman I have ever dealt with.  Feel free to send anyone requesting a reference to me.

Tom J Corrales, NM

Subject:  The Boys

Here is a photo of the Boys we purchased these horses from Trail Horses of Colorado in June of 2005. They seemed like good horses when we bought them but we had no idea just how special they were. I have been around horses for many years but have never had two that were so friendly and eager to learn. We work with them nearly every day and they always seem to have fun learning new things. We appreciate how professional you and your people were when we came to your place to look for horses. I rode 6 horses that day and had trouble deciding on which ones to choose. I can say now, after 18 months, that we made the right choice, with your help, picking Pal and Flash. While their horsonalities are totally different, they are both the friendliest horses I have ever seen. We have great fun with them every day. You do a excellent job of finding and screening great horses! 

Thank you very much.

Doug Pilot Doug and Kerry Pilot Photography
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30 Oct 2006
Subject: Sugar Spot

You read right.  I have just now gotten around to trailering Sugar Spot out to a trail ride. I ride her to death on the farm but just haven't taken her out. I wanted you to know that she was PERFECT.  I was afraid she might want to hurry along as she tends to do at home but she didn't at all. Nice walk, didn't care if she was in front or behind and didn't look at a thing. We also took our 15.3 hand fox trotter and she kept right up with him, no problem. I had to dismount a couple of times for various reasons and it was so nice to be able to get right back up on her without having to find a tree stump or put her in a ditch. (the problems one has when one is short). She made me proud the entire trip and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was. Thank you, Fred. 

Ellen Knapp

3 Sep 2006

Hi Fred, 

Sorry it's taken so long to get you a pix. But I haven't had one I've liked.  So here it is.  River is the best horse I've ever owned.  He is sweet, willing to please, strong, and has a great gait.  He loves trail and has no problem leading, being in the middle or at the end.  What more could I ask for!! 


Cowgirl Wisdom:
"Doin' things the smart way don't cost half as much as doin' them the stupid way."

21 Jul 2006
Subject: Shadow

Dear Fred,

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I am enjoying Shadow. What a great horse!! I have put him in a very soft plastic Apple jack bit and a Gaits of Gold Saddle. On the trail nothing spooks him, not Bears, Elk, Deer, Foxes, Coyotes. He takes it all in stride with calm and confidence. He is highly affectionate and kind, there isn't a mean bone in his body. He is quickly becoming the barn favorite. I can tell that he was hand raised by very caring and experienced horse people. Like you said in your ad, he is the most gelding like stallion that has ever been seen. I will refer you to everyone I meet. I was referred to you and am incredibly grateful I followed up and came to see your horses. I intend to keep Shadow forever.  One last comment, In this day and age it is rare to find someone who is hone st and has integrity, especially in the horse world. Everything you said in your advertising was true. Our company is also one that trades only in truth and it has made us the largest Luxury real estate auction company in America. I applaud you and wish you the very best in all of your business endeavor s as you certainly deserve it. Finally, thank you for gelding him. The incisions are healing nicely. 

Val DeVine

Subject: Just a Blaze and Ms Molly
28 Jun 2006

Hi Fred, 

As you recall I purchased the above horse's about a year ago. The two horses are just great and everything you said they would be. Thank you. I got Blaze for my wife with some doubt because of his age he was three at the time of purchase he is the best of temperament, big kind and giving. Ms Molly and I along with Blaze and my wife have spent countless hour's in t he Lincoln National Forest on endless rides. The trails are not easy but the horses just take it all in stride. 

Thank you and I am glad that I found you and your horses.

Lee Arnone

15 May 2006

Dear Fred,

just to let you know that Jilly and I had a wonderful five hour ride Saturday with friends and then a short ride Sunday by ourselves. She and I already have a wonderful connection. She will follow me all around the pasture and is just a joy to be around. She is putting on more weight and I just love her. How is Cheyenne? 

Thank you again for finding my true riding partner. 


07 May 2006

Hi Fred,

I just wanted to touch base with you about CoCo. He is the sweetest, and most phenomenal trail horse I have ever owned. We got off to a rocky start (no pun intended) - I was intimidated by his size and stride- both of which you told me about; but he was patient with me, and now I feel like I'm just riding a really big loveable golden retriever. He has carried everyone from my 6'3'' ,230lb. boyfriend to my 4 year old whiff of a niece. Everyone wants to ride him and they all love his gait. He has brought back the joy of riding to me.

At a stable of mostly Arabians - we fondly now refer to him as " Dude "......because he is- one big dude. I have the photo framed and show everyone the ad. Thank you so much for selling me one damn good horse, I bet you miss him.


Subject: Smokey Dan
24 Apr 2006
Hello Fred,
I want to thank you for everything you have done for me-particularly matching me up with Smokey Dan! He is an awesome horse-kind, gentle, sweet disposition, and yes, totally bomb-proof. I ride 4-6 times each week. I live in old Cherry Hills, a small enclave of homes with bridle paths, "country-lane" streets, and access to the Highline Canal, upon which I could ride for hours. Smokey is very steady and unconcerned with bicyclists, children, joggers, other horses, and traffic. 

My daughter's horse was here as a buddy, and they got on famously. Since then, Lauren moved to a ranch in Steamboat Springs and took Montana along. Smokey was lonely for about two weeks-they're such social animals. I adopted a mini horse from Colorado Horse Rescue, and the two act as if they've been best friends for 20 years! Smokey is very accepting of other horses, and their instant bond just reinforces his sweet and giving nature.  He is truly the horse that I have dreamed about since I was a young child.

We are like a team getting out on the trail for a breath of fresh air. Since getting Smokey, I realize how much I have missed being around horses. It's also amazing how quickly my riding skills came back after 25 years of not riding horses.

I cannot thank you enough for Smokey Dan! I give your name out to others who are thinking of buying a horse, but a good gaited horse is really so much more. I've also enjoyed riding his gaits and we learn together how to find perfect paces.



December, 2006
Subject:  Boston

I want to write this letter on behalf of Fred and his wonderful staff at Trail Horses of Colorado. I purchased my Spotted Saddle Horse "Boston" from THOC in December. I have had a lifetime of experience with horses and I have never ridden such a well broke horse as Boston. He is by far the best trail horse I have ever ridden and I can say that from experience being a trail guide for many years in Pennsylvania. When I inquired about a horse, I told Fred I wanted a well broke horse to trail ride and maybe do a little 4H with, what I got was a 110 % better than I expected. Not only is this horse puppy dog friendly, his looks are outstanding, and brains and beauty are hard to come by these days, and I haven't found a thing that has rattled him yet. I am so happy with this horse, that I will only buy horses from THOC in the future. 

Thank you Fred and your wonderful staff at Trail Horses of Colorado....Boston IS truly a dream horse. 

Karen and Boston

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