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Real Life Training
Bridges are part of our daily Real Life Training

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Fred Mau, owner of Trail Horses of the WEST, subjects his pleasure-mounts-in-training to all sorts of horse-unfriendly environmental hazards when he gets them ready for clients, usually empty-nesters who always wanted to ride.

He calls it "Real Life Training", and it includes introducing the horse to hazards of the trail - streams, bridges, fallen trees, wildlife - and hazards of modern life. The modern life hazards include shopping malls, car alarms, splashing fountains, you name it. He uses more experienced horses to help calm the less experienced ones. He insists that his clients spend quite a bit of "quality time" with the horses they are considering before trailering them home. Result? Happy campers, on both horse and human turf.

Dog watching - Here is a photo you won't find in a horse training book but maybe a photo like this should be.

This type of activity is what we call RLT, (Real Life Training). Riding right down the sidewalk!

The purpose of the ride was enjoyable but most beneficial to the horses in exposing them to sights and sounds of the modern world! Sore butts and wet blankets! There is no substitute for it!

Where we ride! We train in a large-LARGE arena. This location was where the movie, '310 to Yuma', was filmed. Rio Grande - Yes, our horses cross water. Learning to carry a pack saddle is part of the training. Dapple Dan ground tied
Dapple Dan in AZ - dogs are part of Real Life Training too. Bridges are part of our daily Real Life Training Happy Holidays from the top of Northern New Mexico!!
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